swedish tenancy act

The tenant is not obliged to transfer rent abroad. If both spouses leave the shared dwelling, the spouses’ relatives in direct line of descent have a right to succeed to the tenancy corresponding to that of members of the household.Section 8-4. This shall not however apply to the extent that the tenant proves the breach to be due to an impediment beyond his control, which he could not reasonably be expected to have taken into account at the time of entry into the contract or to have avoided or overcome the consequences of.If the breach is the fault of a third party engaged by the tenant wholly or partly to repair the property, the tenant shall only be free from liability if the third party would also have been free from liability pursuant to the provisions of the third paragraph.Freedom from liability shall apply as long as the impediment has effect. General provision relating to transferThe tenant has no right to transfer his rights or obligations to other persons pursuant to the tenancy agreement without the consent of the landlord unless otherwise provided in an agreement or statutory provision.Section 8-2. Notwithstanding the provisions of chapter 9 concerning expiry it may be agreed that the tenancy agreement shall expire without notice on completion of semester, study year or education. You have the right to invite friends to visit you, but you must take responsibility for their actions. Supreme Court for a judicial review of an RTB decision. Change of ownershipIn connection with a change of ownership, the landlord may transfer to the buyer rights and obligations ensuing from the tenancy agreement.If the circumstances of the buyer provide objective grounds, the tenant may demand that the seller be liable together with the buyer for correct fulfilment of the obligations pursuant to the agreement unless adequate assurance of performance is given. The landlord has no obligation to notify members of the household as mentioned in the first paragraph, litera c unless the landlord has approved them pursuant to the provisions of section 7 1.If the tenancy agreement is terminated by the estate of the deceased tenant, persons who wish to take advantage of their rights pursuant to the first paragraph must send notification of this to the landlord within one month from the date the landlord receives notification of termination from the estate of the deceased tenant.Section 8-3. Deposits are not usual in a Swedish contracts, so be cautious if a landowner or sub-letter asks you for a high deposit. This is normal, as you usually pay the rent one month in advance in Sweden. Date: 12/10/2007 The thing about landlord and tenant act laws is it’s not a ‘set and forget’ scenario. Payment for electricity and fuel etc.If it is agreed that the tenant shall make separate contributions to the landlord’s electricity or fuel costs in relation to the property, the tenant may demand that the landlord present an account each year showing the size of such costs and their distribution between units of the property. Private rented housing is usually furnished. Resident representation in certain tenancies of dwellings Section 6-1. Property rented “as is”, etc.Even though the property is rented “as is” or with similar general reservations, it shall be regarded as a defect if the landlord or his agent has neglected his obligations pursuant to section 2-3 or 2-4. which currently have tenancy rent control, tenancy rent control was preceded by stricter forms of rent control; thus, historically, tenancy rent control has been introduced as a form of partial rent decontrol. | Ministry of Local Government and Modernisation. If overwhelming reasons exist, multiple tenancy agreements for a specified period may nevertheless be entered into of a shorter duration than as set out in section 9-3. RentRent shall be set at a fixed amount. If the judgment is appealed, such consent may be granted by the appeal court.Section 12-5. Check every item included as soon as you move in. The King may implement the individual provisions at different times. Nor shall the Act concern agreements relating to the renting of property for holidays and recreational purposes.For the purposes of this Act, “dwelling” shall mean property that is used entirely or primarily for habitation. The provision of section 3-6, second sentence concerning the guarantee amount shall not apply to guarantee agreements entered into prior to the commencement of the Act. When the landlord has received an application for approval of transfer, termination of the tenancy on grounds of breach of the tenancy agreement prior to this date may only occur if there are grounds for refusing approval of the transfer.Section 8-6. Temporary right of useWhen legal action is instigated concerning approval pursuant to the provisions of chapters 7, 8 or 11, the court may at the request of the plaintiff decide by order, with or without security, that the person who requested the approval of sublettings, household members or a new tenant shall have the right of use to the property until a legally enforceable decision has been made in the matter. Chapter 4. Unless otherwise agreed, the property is regarded as returned when the landlord has received the keys and has otherwise regained unimpeded access to the property. If there is reason to believe that the proceeds of the sale would not cover the cost of the sale, the landlord may instead deal with the matter as he finds appropriate.Section 10-5. They can’t: 1. seize the tenant’s goods for any reason 2. interfere with the supply of any services to the premises, unless it is ne… If the parties fail to agree on the size of the rent, either party may demand that the rent be decided pursuant to the provisions of section 12-2.Section 3-2. 11.6.1 The tenancy agreement A tenancy agreement can be concluded either in writing or orally. The claim must be submitted within a reasonable time after the landlord should have discovered the defect. Under Swedish law, employees are entitled to, inter alia, holiday, parental and maternity leave and leaves of absence for studies, taking care of a close relative, conducting another non-competing business for a limited period of time and also to test a new job due to long-term sickness. The Swedish Land Code of 1970 contains statutory rules about real estate. If you live in a tenant-owner’s association, you should first contact the board of the association. It may be agreed that inclusion of a member of the household as mentioned in section 7-1 first sentence may only occur with the landlord’s approval. The provisions of section 12-4 concerning pre-emptive enforceability shall apply if judgment was passed after commencement of the Act. The property is also defective if it is in substantially poorer condition than the tenant had grounds to expect on the basis of the size of the rent and other circumstances.Section 2-6. If the landlord does not fulfill this requirement, the tenant is entitled to rent reduction or damages and can take remedial actions and ultimately terminate the lease if … The joint representation arrangement may be dissolved in the same way.Section 6-2. Sub-tenants shall have no right to vote.Section 6-3. Termination of tenancy agreementThe tenant may terminate the tenancy agreement if the delay or defect implies a serious breach of the agreement.If it is clear that a breach of the agreement will occur that will entitle the tenant to terminate the agreement, the tenant may terminate the agreement prior to the agreed date for occupation of the property. Letting of own dwellingThe provisions of this section apply to the letting of a dwelling that the landlord has used as his own dwelling and which is being let in connection with temporary residence elsewhere for a period of up to five years. Transfer of pending cases 40. Advance payment may not be agreed for longer than one month.If the rent falls due on a Saturday or Sunday, a public holiday or the 1 or 17 May, the due date shall be postponed until the next working day.The due date shall also be postponed as long as payment is prevented by any stoppage of communications or payment transmission services or other circumstances beyond the tenant’s control which the tenant is unable to overcome.Section 3-3. 13 of 25 June 1935, Act No. The Ministry may lay down rules concerning the area of jurisdiction, appointment, composition, organization, procedure, decisions, enforceability, costs, charges, reopening of cases, relationship to arbitration clauses, consumer mediation boards and the ordinary courts and other factors of significance for settlement of disputes. The information below is good to know before renting an apartment or other accommodation. The same applies to rental of business premises where daily rent is agreed and to separate rental of a garage or storeroom.Section 9-8. A tenancy agreement for a specified period entered into in breach of these provisions is to be regarded as for an unspecified period. The parties may appeal against the decision within one month. Rent regulation in England and Wales is the part of English land law that creates rights and obligations for tenants and landlords. Every landlord and tenant must enter into a Residential Tenancy Agreement in writing. RegulationsIf conditions so necessitate, the King may for specific periods, specific areas or specific types of tenancy impose a rent freeze and maximum rates for rents. The minimum temperature should be at least 18°C in the room and 16°C on the floor. Until the Second World War the liberal model prevailed, with freedom of contract. The notification is to be sent to the tenant’s specified address and to any electronic mail address provided. Tenant’s liability for damagesThe landlord may claim compensation for loss resulting from the tenant’s failure to fulfil his obligations pursuant to sections 5-1 to 5-6. Prohibition against other payments in connection with the tenancy of adwellingIt may not be agreed that the tenant of a dwelling shall pay other or greater amounts than stated in sections 3-1 and 3-4 to 3-6.Anyone who has paid an amount in infringement of the first paragraph may always claim the amount reimbursed or compensated by the landlord. Return of property on expiry of tenancy, Section 10-1. If you rent an accommodation from someone who is already a tenant, the agreement is called a sublet or second-hand lease. ; the reasons that a person can be evicted. The landlord may not in any event demand that the property be restored to its original state if this would involve excessive costs or unreasonable value reduction, but the landlord may claim compensation for the value reduction caused by alterations the tenant was not entitled to make.Fixtures that the tenant has brought into the property shall accrue to the landlord if their removal would involve excessive costs or unreasonable value reduction.If the tenant is obliged to maintain the property or appurtenances, such maintenance shall be properly carried out, but the landlord may not unless specifically agreed require the property or appurtenances to be in a better state than they were when made available to the tenant.As regards the tenant’s right to remuneration, section 10-5 shall apply.Section 10-3.

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