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If the trike is returned in less than new condition or refusal of delivery, Electric Bike Technologies reserves the right to deduct for any wear or damages, including excessive mileage or extra shipping costs due to refusal. International Sales - The Liberty Trike Warranty does not extend to international customers or domestic customers that have taken their Liberty Trike abroad. You will be asked to choose your color when the campaign ends. Thank you! Warranties are limited to replacement of parts and/or products determined by Electric Bike Technologies, at its sole discretion, to be defective. It can be used in hundreds of scenarios to improve your lifestyle, whether you're at the beach, the park, in the city, around the house or anywhere else! 3. Since then, the company has grown exponentially with its line of electric bike and trike conversion systems. £9.98 delivery. Jason is the face of the company and manages a team of dedicated employees that have proven themselves worthy of bringing products like the Liberty Trike to market. The Max Torque of the Liberty Trike is 60N-m. 25% off Bring Details: We track Liberty Trike promo codes in near real-time and currently provide 7 active promos redeemable at you missed Liberty Trike's popular $200 off coupon code back in April, just click +Follow below to receive the next available Liberty Trike promotion code in your inbox. Estimated delivery Apr 2016. Read More, “Every senior or a person with a disability needs a Liberty Trike,” said Suz, in an email she sent to... The final range per full charge will ultimately depend on the total load (weight of rider and cargo), input and terrain. ... # libertytrike # libertytrikechangedmylife # mobilityproblems # trike # ebike # tricycle # bicycle # cyclinglife # lifebehindthebars # cyclinglifestyle # rideyourbike # rideyourtrike # motivation # ride # keeppedaling # libertytrik * Batteries need to be stored fully charged and kept in a cool dry environment. All sales outside of the contiguous USA are final and not subject to our return policy. Xootz Kid's Typhoon Electric Power Drift Trike, 3 Wheel Go Kart Bike with LCD Screen, Black. What is Not Covered by the Liberty Trike Warranty. Shipping charges are non-refundable. See more ideas about bike technology, trike, electric bike. Maximum Weight: Max payload (rider & gear): 400lbs. Please report outdated or inaccurate information to us. Electric Bike Technologies has been in the electric bike business since 2008 making retrofit conversion systems that empower users to convert conventional bicycles and tricycles into electric. A black Liberty Trike was requested, (to reduce arguments, LOL) but both boys will benefit by improving their leg strength, balance, exercise, and independence. Hill Climbing: How well the Liberty Trike does on the hill greatly depends on the hill grade, your weight, input, and momentum. The Liberty Trike Electric Tricycle is a compact, folding (and separating!) Original Spare Parts. Only purchase replacement batteries from Electric Bike Technologies. Shipping & Handling fees will apply to all orders placed for warranty parts and/or products and will be invoiced to the customer/warranty claimant at the time said parts and/or products are shipped from Electric Bike Technologies. The Liberty Trike was created because of the many requests and suggestions we received from our tricycle conversion customers. Like a cell phone, the battery may be charged at any time and the charge time will depend on the present level of charge in the battery. Find your nearest service centre . Add to that tons of storage capacity and the ability to stop and start at your leisure, a tricycle is the perfect ride for three-wheeled fun or independent pain-free padded comfort. The liability of Electric Bike Technologies Inc. hereunder is expressly limited to the replacement of goods complying with this warranty or at the sole discretion of Electric Bike Technologies Inc. to the repayment of an amount equivalent to the purchase price of the product in question. We know these electric trikes inside out and will spend time with you discussing your needs and budget and help advise what is the most suited to your unique needs.

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