heuristic evaluation steps

The first step in the planning phase is to define the heuristics that are going to be used during the evaluation. Finally, the reviewing phase examines the results of the evaluation and recommends a plan of action. Evaluators need to do it separately and not together. Heuristic evaluation involves having a small set of evaluators examine the interface and judge its compliance with recognized usability principles (the "heuristics"). A heuristic evaluation can basically be defined as a review of your user interface, looking closely at user experience aspects. A heuristic evaluation should not replace usability testing. First, you can develop a list of critical … ). The Steps of Heuristic Evaluation. Learn to conduct a heuristic evaluation on any given user interface design.This article will teach you how to generate and conduct your own heuristic evaluations so you can improve the usability, utility, and desirability of your designs. With an evaluation process in place, a team can identify issues beforehand and make any necessary adjustments. Like any other usability testing, when conducting heuristic evaluations, you need to begin with a clear goal in mind, even if what you will discover is ultimately unexpected. 5. Here are a few steps to follow. A heuristic evaluation is one where an evaluator or group of evaluators walks through the design of an interface and decides whether or not it complies with these “rules of thumb”.. There are three main ways you can approach your heuristic evaluation. 1. Heuristic evaluation (Nielsen and Molich, 1990; Nielsen 1994) is a usability engineering method for finding the usability problems in a user interface design so that they can be attended to as part of an iterative design process. The given step by step instructions works mostly in all the cases. It helps to identify many kinds of user experience problems and is conducted against a set of design principles — also known as heuristics (hence the name! Heuristic evaluation: procedure. Planning. Heuristic evaluations are no substitute for usability testing, but they can help improve the potential of usability tests if they’re used in conjunction; running a heuristic evaluation before beginning a round of usability tests will reduce the number and severity of design errors discovered by … product, operating instructions) and objective (e.g. Steps to a Successful Evaluation. Steps Inspect UI thoroughly; Compare UI against heuristics; List usability problems; Explain & justify each problem, referencing heuristics; Heuristic evaluation is a usability inspection process originally invented by Nielsen. A heuristic is a simple principle or “rule of thumb”. Create a list of task scenarios you are going to test . What are the most critical parts of the system that you want to test? There are some advantages and disadvantages to this methodology: Good Reasons to Use Heuristic Evaluation With your goal in mind, you can follow two-step or three-step methodologies to conduct your website evaluation. Planning to perform this kind of evaluation on your own site? # 1. The fifth step is to actually conduct usability audits with heuristic (evaluation). Advantages and Disadvantages of Heuristics. Planning and preparing for heuristic evaluation One way to do this is by performing a heuristic evaluation. At UX Gorilla , we encourage evaluators to also include their recommendations or any references for the interfaces that have implemented the same functionality in a better way without violating the heuristic. The analysis results in a list of potential usability issues. But with some experience, you may want to add additional steps. A heuristic evaluation regularly involves the following steps: Establishing the object and aim of the evaluation The manufacturer establishes the object (e.g. In this article, we describe what a heuristic evaluation is, explain how to complete one and share the advantages and disadvantages of a heuristic evaluation. Nielsen has done a number of studies to evaluate its effectiveness. The second phase is the executing phase where the actual heuristic evaluation takes place. In a heuristic evaluation, usability experts review your site’s interface and compare it against accepted usability principles. to obtain input for improvement/further development). Plan Your Testing Approach. How to do Heuristic Evaluation.

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