cedar vs spruce top guitar

The Admira Avila has a spruce top and the Artista has a cedar top. Cedar top guitars are not the traditional choice for guitar tops. I have had a few acoustics with solid spruce tops before but need to know how different the sound is with cedar. Visually, cedar is darker in color with a … One alternative to cedar is redwood. Spruce is brighter and ages moreover a longer period of time. Spruce Tops generally are more trebly, they sound more punchy and bright, for some people they are too bright. Builders also use less internal bracing to keep the top more percussively resonant. I'd like to know the differences, the advantages, and disadvantages of owning each. Spruce guitars typically have a quite direct sound with a bell-like tone. 15% Off $99+ w/ Code. The allure of Adirondack spruce, the sound of the Golden Age. Since laminated top guitars are sturdier than solid top guitars, they may be a better choice for younger players or for … I am finally thinking about buying an acoustic guitar after playing electric for 4 years. The guitar has a soundpost under the bridge from top to back to stop feedback at high volumes. Cedar however, makes the guitar sound darker, warmer and generally fuller. The top is typically made of either spruce or cedar, though other tone woods are used today. Re: Spruce Vs Cedar Guitars. 7:10. European Spruce AAA $110.00. Spruce: Spruce is considered a balanced choice as it offers good volume, smooth tonality, and distinct projection. That stiffens the top considerably I think. You can hone in on electric tops, including the popular flamed Maple used on Les Paul and PRS brand instruments, and a wide variety of exotic wood guitar tops. Both Cedar and Spruce share the same virtues in terms of better sound and the ability to age. I am not familiar with cedar tops, having only ever owned spruce-topped guitars. No other guitar top tonewood has the history, the ambition, or the sheer power, sustain and dynamic range of Adirondack spruce. Cedar: Cedar is a distinctly red-brown material that offers warm tonality and warms up quickly. Advantages of laminated top guitars include their lower cost and relative durability. Spruce Vs Cedar Guitars. Video Comparing A Spruce Top Guitar And A Cedar Top Guitar Made By The Same Luthier. One of the has a Cedar top (Ramirez 1A 1974) whilst the other has a Spruce top … Sitka Spruce is the most prevalent guitar top wood of the modern era. Cedar tends to produce a warmer sound and ages faster than spruce. Cedar vs. Luna Henna Oasis Spruce Acoustic Electric Guitar New. However, they began to gain increasing popularity from the mid-1960s. Spruce always has a brighter tone than cedar, they are used mostly on steel string guitars as they can hold the tension of the strings better than cedar. Long ago I made a couple of guitars with spruce in the high end of the cedar density range; they were not among my best guitars. The following video is interesting for those wanting to compare the sound of a spruce top guitar to that of a cedar top guitar. This is a gorgeous top of the line … 0:55. Watch fullscreen. The sound of a well-aged fine spruce top has an unmatched openness, clarity, directness, and edge like an arrow. The Cedar is far more reserved in tone but the sound when played less aggressively can be more subtle and delicate. Top, back and sides, fretboard were from you guys. It is generally said that Spruce top guitars are somewhat louder & versatile in nature and is ideal for a variety of music to be played on it. Often, only the top layer is spruce, with less costly woods making up the layers underneath. It is a less dense wood than spruce and produces a warmer, more complex sound with a higher ratio of overtone to fundamental. Search. In fact, the first guitar Taylor built in 1972 was a 12-string similar to an EKO Ranger 12-string. It falls tonally between Spruce and Cedar, leaning toward a warm Spruce top … With the same strings on both guitars the Sitka Spruce sings more beautifully and seems to have a much better range of tones and projection.. Usually the term "spruce top" means that the top of the guitar is constructed of laminated plies of wood. Cedar is less dense than spruce, and that softness typically translates into a sense of sonic warmth. Re: Spruce Vs Cedar Guitars. Easily the most commonly used top wood for acoustic guitars. Product Price $489.99. Despite its name, Port Orford Cedar is a member of the Cypress family and not a true Cedar. ... Martin Custom 00-28VS Cocobolo Adirondack Spruce Top Acoustic Guitar. 4.5 of 5 stars. One of the raps directed at guitars with cedar tops is that unlike those of spruce they do not improve with age. Both feature ebony fingerboards too. They seem to be more clear, balanced and sometimes have more sustain. It is generally said that Spruce top guitars are somewhat louder & versatile in nature and is ideal for a variety of music to be played on it. I've been looking at some and realized there's a significant difference in tone between Cedar and Spruce. That’s quite a bit greater than the cedar range. $147.19. Although spruce is the most commonly employed top wood, cedar comes in at second place. This is often used on classical guitars but also sometimes on steel string acoustics. Been playing trad guitar for many years but its hard to try these out as, ... Re: Spruce Vs Cedar Guitars. Log in. I live far from the nearest music store and have not been able to play one with a cedar top to see for myself. The major advantage the Artista has is that it is all solid timber (rosewood). _____ Spruce Vs Cedar Guitars. That is also applied to Cedar tops. Brazilian rosewood, with its haunting, swirling purple hues and its sweet thunderstorm of overtones, may well be the most vaunted guitar tonewood of all. Guitar Solo Acoustic. It is darker in color with darker reds. Spruce top vs. Cedar top acoustic guitars? Because l can’t read music l rely on Tone and Rhythm. Lucero LC150S Spruce/Sapele Classical Guitar. Sign up. The individual notes when played contrapuntally sound more separated in case of spruce tops. Cedar is a darker wood than spruce and ranges from cinnamon to light chocolate in hue. Electric Guitar. Sale. For these reasons, a cedar-topped guitar is a good choice for a fingerpicker (it’s common on classical nylon-string guitars), but not necessarily a strummer with a heavy attack. Spruce: Minimum .41, maximum .48. Cedar Or Spruce Top? One thing that Edward didn't mention is that the less pronounced mids in a spruce-topped guitar provide a perfect tonal space for the human voice, which is why a singer/player might prefer a spruce top, while an instrumentalist might prefer a cedar top. Spruce Top Yulong Guo Chamber Concert Guitar. Redwood has become more popular in recent years as a tonewood. Great deals on Taylor Rosewood Body 6 String Acoustic Guitars. The spruce allows the mid-range human voice to fit in the mix, while the cedar top provides a wider, more balanced range of of audible … Buy Yamaha CG122MSH Classical Guitar, Solid Spruce Top: Classical & Nylon-String Guitars - Amazon.com FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases ... Cordoba Guitars, 6-String Acoustic-Electric Guitar, Right, Cedar, Cutaway Thin Body (GUCLCOR-02909) 4.7 out of 5 stars 177. Product Price $229.99 (5) Open Box: from. Picea Abies "I just placed an order for top, back & sides, fretboard. Koa: Koa is a pricier wood as it’s less common. Looking at Lowden / McIlroy guitars at the moment. Cedar Tops have a soft attack, and are sensitive. The individual notes when played contrapuntally sound more separated in case of spruce tops. It can be easily recognized due to its pale color. The cedar guitar produces a warmer, more mellow sound when compared to the spruce top. Library. ... Yamaha CG182C Cedar Top Classical Guitar. I remember the wood seemed somewhat limp and “spongy” to me. 1. I'm sending a pic of the guitar I just finished for a guy in Mass. A new cedar guitar will have rich harmonics and a crispness that is sometimes lacking in a brand new spruce-topped guitar. I'm looking to buy an acoustic guitar and am interested in input on cedar vs. spruce tops. 5.0 of 5 stars. Cedar produces a tone with less clarity, snap and sparkle but with more character. If Sitka has a full dynamic range, cedar makes quieter tones louder, but it also imposes more of a ceiling on high volume levels driven by an aggressive attack. This wood is also lighter than most others. Re: Spruce Vs Cedar Guitars. It's for his son who graduates Dec. 20th. They have a wider tone palette with more tonal complexity. We've had Levi Akkerman, guitar teacher and professional player, play on two near-exact Ramirez 1A's. Traditionally used on classical guitars, cedar is becoming increasingly common in steel-string instruments. If cedar is more responsive to a lighter touch it will suit me nicely. This wood tends to have a honeyed color and is known for its sonically analogous dark and lush tone, and also for being generally less bass-y and projective than spruce. Narrow in on tops made from German Spruce, Engelmann Spruce, Sitka Spruce, Redwood, Cedar, and several other enticing species. Flamenco guitars are built lighter with thinner tops than classical guitars, which produces a "brighter" and more percussive sound quality. 5 years ago | 114 views. Cedar: Cedar is a bright sounding wood option, though produces a warmer tone than spruce (the most common top wood – see below), when used as a top. It’s a less dense wood than spruce, providing you with a slightly darker tone.

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