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Read about how we use cookies. The history, capital, flag, climate, terrain, people, economy, and population. By searching for a location or selecting a climate station on the map above, you can view climate averages for the period 1981 to 2010. In 2019, a user-friendly digital application will be built to make the information on climate change impact and site-specific options accessible to a larger number of players of the cocoa value chain of Central America and the Caribbean. Map is sent as Adobe Illustrator file. Temperatures are high throughout the year with average temperatures being 32°C. Climate data for Ghana has been gathered every day since January 2009. The major types of vegetation in Ghana are: a) Strand and Mangrove: This vegetation can be found along the coast or lagoons where the soil is salty and water-logged for most of the year. Although the days are very hot, the nights are relatively cool with temperatures dropping to 23°C. The northern region, which is the driest part of the country, experiences hot and dry climate. Read. The overall functions of the Ministry of Environment, Water and Climate are to: - Develop, implement and monitor environment, water and climate polices and legislation for sustainable development. Temperature - Bole - Climate Robot Ghana. What Type Of Climate Does The Caribbean Have? The total amount of rainfall in this region can reach 2000 millimeters annually. The rains subside and pick up again from mid-September to October. Winter seasons here are less hot compared to northern Ghana, but humidity is comparatively higher due to the region’s proximity to the sea. The country has a population of about 28 million people. The high diurnal temperatures heat the sea waters making the east coast warm throughout the year. By Sharon Omondi on May 8 2019 in Environment. Major credit cards accepted via our website. Along the western coastline which is located around the Cape Coast, Takoradi and its environs, the climate is hot and humid. The trees are mainly hardwood and the area that surrounds the rain-forest is actually more fertile. Generally, the country has a tropical, warm and humid climate. Ghana Capital: Accra Population: 28,833,629 Brief History of Ghana: Ghana used to be called the Gold Coast. Once a map is paid we will send you our vector map: -- via direct email and -- a copy via Wetransfer Delivery is usual in minutes from your order, but it can takes some hours in weekend. The climate projection methodology is described in full in Rasmussen et al. UK climate maps and data. UK and regional series. Featured. 2.1 Climate Change in Ghana Historical data for Ghana from the year 1961 to 2000 clearly shows a progressive rise in temperature and decrease in mean annual rainfall in all the six agro-ecological zones in the country. Ghana climate map. The rain-forest experiences high rainfall of up to 22000 mm. Temperatures are lower both in the day and night in comparison to the east coast. Ghana has a typically tropical climate thanks to its proximity to the equator and low elevations – the entire country lies below 1,000m (3300ft). It shares borders with Côte d’Ivoire to the west, Burkina Faso to the north, and Togo to the east. Read . National consultations are being held in each country to refine the climate exposure maps and to identify site-specific actions to foster climate smart cocoa. Adobe Illustrator .AI EPS Vector files from our Netmaps database. These regions are northern region, eastern coast, west coast, southern region, and the central region. However, some areas like eastern parts of Lake Volta and southwestern parts of Kumasi receive rains of up to 2000 millimeters every year. Data. The Akan ethnic group forms the majority of the population. The climate of Ghana is tropical. UK actual and anomaly maps. The total amount of rainfall received in a year is about 790 millimeters. The climate of the northern region of Ghana is influenced by dry winds blowing from the Sahara desert. The duration of sunshine is usually not very long in the south because high humidity causes the sky to be cloudy most of the time. It is hot and wet most of the year in the southeast but dry in the southwest and farther inland. This website uses cookies. Vector Climate Map. The Ghanaian coastline of 539 Kilometers stretch consists of lagoons and sandy beaches which terminate into the grass plains in the east and west of the mainland. Historic station data. Continents and Regions: Africa - Asia - Europe - Middle East - North America - Oceania - South America. Automatically via email. RWS buffer zones accounted for 65, 75, 76 and 75% of total harvested areas for rice, millet, sorghum, and maize, respectively of the national area for these crops. (2016). The highest amount of rainfall comes in June when the western coast of Ghana receives 480 millimeters of rain. The northern parts of Ghana also experience low humidity. In reality, they are two places with the same name. The climate of Ghana is tropical, but temperatures vary with season and elevation. Date: 20 February 2016: Source: Derived from World Köppen Classification (with authors).svg. The temperatures vary with season and altitude. This is why you will feel comfortable paying us online. Map ; Discover ; Data Export ; EXPLORE THE DATA ECOSYSTEM. The rains fall from April, all the way to October such that the only months that would be considered relatively dry are December, January, and February that receive the least amount of rainfall. All of our maps are royalty free. Discover the beauty hidden in the maps. Climate Projections. In our maps you can see different climates in the country. June is the month that records the highest amount of rainfall. Digital Maps Online. These regions are northern region, eastern coast, west coast, southern region, and the central region. The dry season lasts from November to March and is characterized by hot days and cool nights. More than 10 000 vector maps. Unless otherwise specified, this article was written by Rhett A. Butler [Bibliographic citation for this page] Other resources Contact me if you have suggestions on other rainforest-related environmental sites and resources for this country. The official language spoken in Ghana is English. Based on crop harvested area distribution and the climate zones defined for Ghana (Van Wart et al., 2013), a total of 8 (rice and maize) and 3 (sorghum and millet) reference weather stations (RWS) were selected. The dust’s fine particles that are suspended in the air reduce visibility and causes respiratory complications. The winter is usually very hot with temperatures during the day hitting up to a maximum of 35°C. Sometimes the temperatures go beyond this maximum temperature; especially from February to April. The total annual rainfall of the area is about 1000 millimeters. All maps, graphics, flags, photos and original descriptions © 2020 The rainfall seasons of Ghana are controlled by the movement of the tropical rain belt (also known Lake Volta is the third largest artificial lake in the world. Adobe Illustrator .AI EPS Vector files from our Netmaps database. Ghana has five geographical regions which experience five varied types of climate. The analysis of these meteorological data for Ghana allows us to determine the average for each month in Accra, Kumasi, Tamale, Akosombo, Cape Coast, Mole National Park, Sekondi-Takoradi, Tema, and 8 other cities. You just need to choose your option below. Graphic maps of Ahanta. There is only one rainy season in the north that reaches the pear in the summer months of May, June, July, and September. Ghana has five geographical regions which experience five varied types of climate. You DO NOT need to: --- pay for each use --- pay per volume sold --- pay for period of use, And our best references: - Copyright Netmaps® - Clients in 114 countries (2015), Vector Maps Corts Catalanes 5-7 Edif. The region records a maximum of eight hours of sunshine in November and December. The problematic politics of climate change Why tackling global warming is a challenge without precedent. Digital Maps Online. IGNORE ME The old empire of Ghana is located about 400 miles northwest of modern day Ghana. Modern day Ghana took the name of the famous ancient kingdom when they became the first African State to gain their independence in 1957. Ghana's topography consists mainly of low plains but its south-central area does have a small plateau. What Type Of Climate Does Greenland Have. Canada - Canada - Climate: Because of its great latitudinal extent, Canada has a wide variety of climates. Our maps can be delivered in any version of Adobe Illustrator (from 5.5 to latest versions CS) or Macromedia (from 8.0 to MX). Map is showing weather patterns in a given area. Max. These months record 65 millimeters, 35 millimeters, and 65 millimeters of rains respectively. All information is fully editable, Map is exported to a pdf file. The rains increase gradually from 165 millimeters in April to 325 millimeters in May. Left: A map of Modern Day Africa shows where Ghana once was. This region experiences more frequent rainfalls than the east coast. Trade Center 08173 Barcelona, Helping you online 24 X 7: Email: [email protected], © A City Map. A portion of the country is found within the Volta basin where the Volta River flows from the northern borders of Burkina Faso. As observed on the map above, Ghana is dissected by the largest artificial lake on the planet (Lake Volta), nearly 50% of Ghana lies less than 152 meters above sea level. In our maps you can see different climates in the country. Pdf can be imported directly as a vector file. Ghana is a West African country situated at the coast of the Gulf of Guinea. The rain-forest is made up of trees that are home to most wild animals. Because Ghana is only a few degrees north of the Equator, its climate is considered tropical. Maphill is more than just a map gallery. From simplest maps to the most detailed vector maps -------------------------------- Illustrator, Freehand & Eps Files Editable - Layer Structured Worldwide delivery via email Copyright Netmaps®, 1997-15, Illustrator & Eps Formats Fully Editable files Royalty free rights Largest worldwide database Delivery 24 X 7. Map is exported to a raster image, 200 dpi. Get free map for your website. Generally, regions in south Ghana experience high amounts of rainfall ranging from 1,400 to 1600 millimeters annually. Choose from a wide range of region map types and styles. Except in the north two rainy seasons occur, from April to July and from September to November. The winter season in the southern parts of Ghana is not very hot as compared to the northern region. This page provides a complete overview of Ahanta, Western, Ghana region maps. General Climate Ghana is located in West Africa on the Guinea Coast. The rains start much earlier from March with June recording the highest amount of rainfall at around 195 millimeters. Portions of this site are based on the CIA World Fact Book, a public-domain work Climate summaries. Kids learn about the Geography of Ghana. Ghana is also home to Lake Volta, the world's largest artificial lake. However, the temperature drops during the rainy seasons from the months of June to October when the sky is often cloudy. Ghana climate map. UK climate extremes. The total annual rainfall is between 1,060 millimeters to 1,400 millimeters. The three main headstreams of the river; the Red Volta, Black Volta, and White Volta join to form Lake Volta. The total annual rainfall is high ranging from 1,270 millimeters to 2,180 millimeters. Explore. Kumasi, the second-largest city in Ghana, lies in the Ashanti Region in the south-central part of the country.The proximity to the equator and the water body of the Gulf of Guinea, as well as the dry Saharan winds, chiefly influence the climate of the city. Mangrove trees reach heights of 10 to 15 … The highest temperature is 33°C during the day; dropping to a minimum of 22°C at night. Map is showing weather patterns in a given area. Name: Ghana topographic map, elevation, relief.. Coordinates: 4.53925 -3.26079 11.17486 1.27329. The country has a north-south extent of about 670 km and a maximum east-west extent of about 560 km. All our maps can be modified easily with your vector software. - Coordinate and domesticate multilateral and regional protocols and agreements that Zimbabwe has ratified. The wet and dry seasons are very distinct as temperature varies with season and altitude. These winds come from southern Burkina Faso in the months of December to around April and carry a lot of dust. Kumasi has a tropical wet and dry type of climate (Köppen climate classification Aw) with hot conditions for the majority of the year. Explore. This climate is experienced along the coastline where the capital city of Ghana is situated. Bradt Travel Guide to Ghana; Map of Ghana; The Impact of Climate Change on Drylands : With a focus on West Africa. In Ghana, the climate is tropical, with a dry season in winter and a rainy season in summer due to the African monsoon. In the south-central parts, which is usually dominated by forests, there are two dry and two rainy seasons.

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