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/Who Am I

I am passionate about web marketing, e-commerce and startups. My challenges are to be relevant and mix creativity, user experience, marketing techniques and best practices from e-commerce to make a coherent mixture as relevant as possible to each of my projects. In an effort to always be up to date on marketing practices, it is important for me to keep myself informed about the latest and most efficient growth trends, which is why, I constantly try to hone my skills in the subject…

Feel free to check out my social media profile and contact me if you want to learn more about me.

There are two types of people who will tell you that you cannot make a difference in this world: those who are afraid to try and those who are afraid you will succeed.

- Ray Goforth -


/What I do

I combine different specialties that allow me to have a wide enough look and to be as efficient as I can on all of my projects. I always try to keep up with digital marketing and e-commerce news, two areas in which I try to be as effectively performant as possible.


User experience is an important part which is often overlooked in web marketing and yet makes perfect sense in the way of the user and his approach to navigate on an e-commerce website. if the user does not find it appealing to navigate on a given website, thus, acquiring him as a prospect will be far less likely.


Search Engine Marketing are a paramount part of marketing, which makes it even more important for me to know the best practices in order to use the most innovative growth hacking techniques. Among my skillset I can count digital marketing strategies to be the most accurate and the most effective.


Coordination and leading a project, organization, building specifications, taking needs into consideration, identifying the best people for the job, independence, having the rigor and responsiveness, namely delegating allows you to be as efficient as possible.


5years of experience
41projects completed
18588hours of work
494coffee cans


/My entire career

Mar 16

Master 2 Digital Marketing

L'Ecole Multimédia.

Fundamentals in marketing strategies. Organic and paid. Organization and optimization of a digital advertising sales strategy. Power of the brand. Enhanced offer marketing, ...

Master of Artistic Multimedia Director

L'Ecole Multimédia.

Interactive Design / UX Design. Architecture and information design. E-marketing. Graphics. Animation. Management and project management. Introduction to sound design. Introduction to copyright. Computer and programming. Realization of projects.

Mar 15
Mar 14

Master Multimedia Project Manager

L'Ecole Multimédia.

Multimedia culture. Design and architecture of information. Webdesign / UI Design. Information Architecture. E-Marketing Strategy. Management and projects management.

Communications License, Marketing & Advertising

ISCOM: School of Communication and Advertising.

Individualized management relations strategies with clients and developing advertising strategies, marketing and sales .

May 12
Jul 18

Head of Digital & E-commerce

April77 / Satisfy Running

Redesign of websites. Definition of digital marketing strategies for websites and digital communication (Instagram, partnerships, influencers relations). CRM. Creation and sending of weekly newsletters. Manager of a CM and a graphic designer. Creation, launch and optimization of Search campaigns on Adwords. Creation, launch and optimization of FB campaigns and Instagram ads. Launch and optimization of Display Campaign strategy. Implementation of Remarketing. Set up of a Merchant feed for Google Shopping. SEO optimization of sites. Management of content creation (model, shooting, photo, ...)

Traffic Manager

Kaspia Group.

Redesign of the showcase and the e-commerce websites. (News, highlights, ergonomics and merchandising, ...) Definition of the digital marketing strategy of websites. Social Media Strategy Consulting. Creation, launch and optimization of Search campaigns on Adwords. Creation of banners, launch and optimization of a Display Campaign strategy. Implementation of Remarketing. Set up of a Merchant feed for Google Shopping. SEO optimization of websites. 500% sales increase in 2015.

May 16
Mar 15

Digital Project Manager

CACOM, Advertising Agency

Participation in the strategic recommendations of the agency. Management of a portfolio composed of several clients. Project management: client meeting, writing of the client brief, coordination of creative teams, technical development and service providers. Operational follow-up of the files: preparation and report of meetings, follow-up of the planning, follow-up of the creation and the production, test and recipe, client validation. Realization of deliverables: functional specifications, statistical reports etc. Daily technological and competitive overwatch.



90%Digital Marketing


/Work done so far

My Portfolio allows you to see my different work done throughout my young career. Projects that I like and that suits me. they also allow entry advantage in my world !


Yohann was the employee we were looking for: autonomous, competent and invested
Laëtitia Paquaux, COO at Kaspia Group.
Yohann has more than one string to his bow and always found a solution. It was a pleasure to work with him.
Valentin Nebout, Senior Project Manager at CAcom Agency.


/My Journal

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